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Once in a lifetime service. I moved these journals with me from home to home across three continents for 30 years and it was time to get them bound before they disintegrated from the wear and tear of taking them on and off the shelf. Aldo made them better than new. He took such great care of them, repairing individual issues before sewing them together and binding them in a hard cover. They are in better condition now that when I brought them in. I had one chance to bind these books and I am glad to say I took something so rare, one of a kind, and personally valuable to the right person. Aldo Zavala is a conscientious master craftsman, and he made an extra effort to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted before starting the work. He literally spent hours talking to me and helping me decide how I wanted things done, and he was patient with me as I changed what I said I wanted until we got the set-up that matched the picture in my minds eye. Once that was done, he turned the whole thing around in record time. I think it took him about two weeks to do all fourteen volumes. Now they're going to be around after I am gone. Words cannot express how much this means to me! 


 Dear Aldo;

I am so pleased with my restored Bible.  If you remember, the red leather cover had completely detached from the sewn together pages and the stitches holding the pages together were very loose. What I received back in less than 10 days was a restitched and solidly bound Bible. Just like new, only better because it is familiar, has my notes, notations, and meaningful passages underlined.  Your work is impeccable and your pricing is a bargain!  I will use your services in the future if needed and will encourage others to do the same!  Thank you! Thank you!

Donna S., Cheyenne, WY

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